Touring South America! Whaaat?! :-)

Hey Hey!!!

I have some Exciting news.  I’m in South America!!! Whaaa? Yesss  hehehe 🙂 (Chile, Argentina & Brazil) I’m gonna be touring for the next 3 weeks.   A couple of months back I received an e-mail from “Yanni’s” Manager telling me that “Yanni” would love for me to Audition to be one of 2 lead vocalists for his upcoming South American tour.  At first I didn’t even know who he was. I thought that maybe “Yanni” was a punk rock group or something. LMAO! I have no idea why that image popped up in my head…(Apparently I’d been hiding under a rock) Anyhow I didn’t reply to the e-mail right away because well you guys know I get a lot of sketchy e-mail’s.

5 days after receiving that initial e-mail, his manager sent me another message letting me know that he’d really like to get in touch with me ASAP because Yanni wants to fly me out to Florida to audition for him… To make a long story short, I flew out, auditioned & Woohooo!!! I got it and to top it off “Yanni” seems like such a nice person. It’s refreshing to be around positive people in the music business & I’ve never been to South America so this is going to be a trip and a half!!! 🙂

For those of you who are unfamiliar with “Yanni” He’s a pianist & Composer who has accumulated more than 35 platinum & gold albums & has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. His music & concerts are really a work of art.    —-> YANNI CONCERT Here’s a link to his website to check out the tour dates -—> TOUR

Also… I just started taking vocal lessons. I’ve never had any lessons before so this is very exciting for me! When I was in the studio with Yanni, I had mentioned that I’d never taken vocal lessons before but that I definitely plan on starting that up soon so that I could learn proper warm up techniques & to also make sure that I know how to maintain my vocals while on the road, etc. He told me to watch out for which teacher I choose because some vocal coaches can seriously damage singers vocals.  A few days later his manager called me & told me that as a gift from “Yanni”, he wants to set me up with one of the best vocal coaches in the business.  He sent me a link to 3 top coaches in the biz & told me to take as many lessons as I’d like. I was shocked! :-o These coaches are pretty pricey which is why I’ve not taken lessons till now. I feel so blessed & I’m so excited for all of the possibilities that lie ahead.

Just bought myself a new camera to take tons of pics while I’m on the road. I’ll be vlogging from my 2nd YT channel –> VLOGGING CHANNEL as well as uploading tons of pics to my facebook fan page –> FACEBOOK

I hope you all follow me on this Journey. This is just the beginning guys! Tons of exciting stuff on the way.

Also here is my newest Youtube video –– Christina Aguilera “You Lost Me”  —-> VIDEO I Hope You like it!!! 🙂

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